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"Exceptionally professional & competent. My car is a 31 year old classic Saab, they sourced the part that I needed, ordered and installed it. Now we're working on planned repairs/restoration. Carl and the team are super. I was referred by another client, now I'm referring others."

— Google Review

"Took my wife's C30 here a couple months back. We got regular maintenance done. Price was reasonable and Nordic did not try to upsell or add unneeded work like the dealership has always tried with us. Very straightforward and quick service. We will come back!"

— Google Review

"This is a great repair shop! We have a 20-year-old Volvo V70 that Carl and his team have kept working for us. Carl is knowledgeable about these cars, and he provides honest advice and excellent repairs. For a few items that needed replacing (side mirror and door panel), Carl found used parts for the car (instead of buying new parts from Volvo), which saved quite a bit of money. Overall, I highly recommend Nordic Motors."

— Google Review

"I have been coming here for a while and never get let down. Always fast, efficient, and affordable. I will continue to give my business to this place for all my automotive needs. Thanks again! Blessed!"

— Google Review

"Great shop, great guy great work and the absolute best customer service. Always know the job will be done right with a reasonable price cheaper than the rest and always on time thanks carl"

— Google Review

"I have been coming here for a while and never get let down. Always fast, efficient, and affordable. I will continue to give my business to this place for all my automotive needs. Thanks again! Blessed!"

— Google Review

"This shop was recommended by a friend who has used them for many years and was very satisfied with their knowledge and honesty. Took the Volvo in for a shifting problem, I spoke with Carl over the phone regarding the issue and discussed the error codes with him so I could get a sense of what this repair might cost. I took it in and it was repaired promptly and runs great. It should be noted that another mechanic at another shop had misdiagnosed the problem and quoted me $1200 more than Nordic motors. Fortunately I went to Nordic saved money and it's fixed. Thanks Carl.quot;

— Christopher

"As usual, Nordic motors always gets to the root cause of the problem and gets the job done right in a reasonable amount of time. Have serviced all 5 of my Volvos here for many years now and won't go anywhere else because I trust and value the service they provide."

— John Romeo

"Prompt service, facilitated easy payment and pick up, professional"

— Paula Mar

"Carl is great about explaining the details of what's wrong with our car and what exactly he plans to do to fix it. I also appreciate that he and his team include the cost of repair and get my approval before they do the work. It means a lot to be able to trust the people working on your car, and I feel that I'm in good hands with Carl and his team!"

— V. Johnson

"Always willing to take the time to explain pros and cons of each recommended service interval items."

— Anonymous

"Excellent, authentically honest work! Best place to service cars, outstanding customer service, happy team! Thank you Carl!"

— Mikhail Drabkin

"Excellent service, excellent workmanship at a fraction of what I was quoted elsewhere."

— David Lawless

"Thanks for your insights into wiring my son's Saab."

— Les Viragh

"I've been bringing my Saab to Nordic Motors for eight years and have always been completely satisfied. They are highly skilled, honest, fast, and professional. If the car is having a mechanical problem Carl always presents me with various options for service. I never feel pressured at all. It's very reassuring to know that if my car needs routine maintenance, or a repair, the gentlemen at Nordic are there to help."

— Ann Rush

"Excellent service, helping me in an emergency."

— Nancy Arnold

"We always receive excellent service from Carl and his team. Their work is always professional and timely. Thank you."

— Dennis

"Always a pleasure! Thank you."

— Evan Leonard

"We have been going to Carl since 2015. He is the only one we can really trust with our 2018 Volvo 1998. Every time I go for Smog test, the mechanics are so amazed at how good my car is still running. We got a 100 mile towing service so we can get the car towed to Redwood City if ever we run into problems. We haven't so far had to do that. Carl is also very easy to talk to, and he knows European cars inside and out."

— Google Review

"I wanted to share that recently I took my 2018 Subaru Outback to Nordic Motors for a Service. I highly recommend that one can feel confident that your car will receive a lot of attention to detail. First off, I read that this mechanic had very good reviews on NextDoor in regard to working on Subarus and Volvos. Carl, the owner, was very genuine & polite which I happen to find very refreshing these days!

These are the items they inspected & took care of regarding my car's Service. Completed the Synthetic Oil change, filled washer fluid. The Fuel Injector was cleaned and the Cabin Filter was replaced. Carl notified me that my Outback needed a new set of rear brake pads but that the front brakes were fine.

Nordic Motors also inspected Rotors, Calipers & Brake lines. The car was also taken for a Test Drive! I am confident that my Subaru with 47K miles is well cared for & will continue to be from here forward as I will definitely return to Nordic Motors Inc."

— Google Review

"Feel very fortunate to have found this group, I have had my car in for three separate services (timing belt, damage to a wheel, and catalytic converter replacement), and experienced amazing service every time"

— Dan G.

"So glad I found Carl and Nordic Motors! Carl is an amazing guy - it's hard to believe such a "real" and cool guy actually owns and runs an autoshop.

I have a Saab - and it's incredibly difficult to find a good shop for it these days. I called everywhere within a 30 mile range and finally found these guys. It's a hike from Santa Clara - but well worth it.

Carl changed the oil and gave it the overall inspection. I had done my research, and had a long list of stuff for him to check including what I thought was a drive belt. Turns out it's called the serpentene belt, and it should have been changed at 60,000 miles and no one else had mentioned - I had him change it. He replaced a cap in the engine that he found was broken, and ordered another cap for me that was broken. New wipers, topped all fluids. Plus had him program and new key. He didn't try to sell me a bunch of stuff I didn't really need. The price was very reasonable compared to the places I'd been taking it before.

Thank you Carl and Nordic Motors for a pleasant autoshop experience!"

— Nancy S.

"I love Carl and Nordic Motors! He has always gone out of his way to accommodate my unusual schedule, and they do fantastic work. Thank you, Carl, we really all appreciate the great work that you do :-)"

— Kristin Zumwalt

"Carl consistently shows extraordinary consideration to his loyal customers. He is especially thoughtful to help customers prepare and manage ongoing maintenance. Team Nordic redefines the ultimate in auto service"

— Ruth Simone

"As usual, Carl and the crew did an OUTSTANDING job with my new vehicle. It's this type of service and professionalism, that retains me as a loyal client, customer and friend. It's been 20+ years and 5 Volvos later. Deac Ketchens"

— Deac Ketchens

"I totally trust Nordic Motors with my Volvo. It is wonderful to work with a company has your interests at heart. That is Nordic Motors. My Car Thanks you and I thank you."

— Dianne Tatro

"I have trusted and been happy with my service here for years. The estimates are always reliable and i trusted them to let me know when it was time to let go of the car I loved. Trust is so important- they have never let me down."

— Nancy Yamahiro

"Have always done a fantastic job!"

— Richard Welch

"This was my first time at Nordic and everyone was so nice, and most of all very competent. Pretty convent to the cal train station, 1/2 mile walk."

— Stella Marinos

"Excellent work on my car! Great F/U on it's status, Carl kept me informed daily. After a breakdown over Memorial Day weekend, and needing to tow it in long distance, Carl and Nordic Motors expertly repaired my car with very fast turnaround. It's running great!"

— Anonymous

"Carl is the best fair price very honest"

— Google User Review

"Great service at reasonable price"

— Google User Review

"Karl and staff know Volvos. Thank you nordic motors"

— Google User Review

"Always enjoy bringing my car to Nordic Motors. The service is excellent, the waiting room is comfortable and the personnel are always courteous, understanding and trustworthy. Highly recommended."

— Ellen Kirschman

"Just as happened last year, with the weather warming up, the AC on my Saab 9000 stopped cooling. Brought the car in Wednesday morning to have the refrigerant topped off. Was able to pick it up in the afternoon, and now I have a cool ride again, thanks to Nordic Motors! They are always right there and on top of everything!"

— Robert Bausch

"I was unprepared for how thorough the service was here. They seemed truly concerned that they had solved the problem completely and asked if it would be alright to keep the car overnight to check for leaks and do a last road test in the morning. I never expected that level of commitment. Amazing!"

— Karen Rende

"Very friendly, honest service. Got my car in quickly, and called promptly to give me an update on what they had found. Listed some items that I could have fixed but were honest and let me know that they weren't necessary, so it helped me to trust that they won't try to force any unnecessary work. I will definitely go back next time I get car issues (hopefully not for a while, fingers crossed!)"

— Jacob Greenberg

"THE best service for European cars!"

— Lou Roselli

"Great and prompt service"

— Ryan Snider

"Quick, efficient service, friendly & knowledgeable staff, good pricing."

— Ferris Lewald

"Always honest and professional"

— Arthur Navarro


— Margaret Boeddiker

"what I like about Nordic Motors that they are honest and they don't try to up sale you parts that actually doesn't need to be changed just to make money unlike dealership They once did a check for my SRS for free"

— Laith Saman

"Very reliable and trustworthy. I always receive excellent service from Carl and his team and wouldn't trust my Saab with anyone else."

— Greg Mikulin

"Everybody was very polite and professional and my car is back on the road! Would highly recommend Nordic motors"

— Matthew Pope

"Great experience. Took care of me at time of need."

— James Irving

"Oil change and replacement of the expansion tank on my Saab. Parts ordered and replaced within a few hours, oil change took about 30 min. Speedy and well-performed work, couldn't be more satisfied."

— Joakim Svedin

"Great service - thanks so much!"

— Doug Olexy

"Nordic Motors, with Carl's thoughtful and exceptional customer service, supported by the Nordic Team are like fine wine in the making... They're many parts of one system that just keeps getting better and better!"

— Ruth Simone

"Nordic Motors, with Carl's thoughtful and exceptional customer service, supported by the Nordic Team are like fine wine in the making... They're many parts of one system that just keeps getting better and better!"

— Ruth Simone

"Carl is not only one of the best auto repair specialists, he is one of the best business owners that I've ever met. He is also a joyful human being with a delightful sense of humor that keeps him focused on what's important each moment. Not surprisingly, he, and his team, attract people with similar traits and cheerful perspectives."

— Ruth Simone

"Carl and his team always do great work! Finding a knowledgeable and trustworthy mechanic is a challenge but Carl is both. I plan to bring my Volvo back for all future service!"

— Joel Roberts

"You cannot go wrong taking your car to Nordic Motors. They are an amazing exception to the too-often rule of dishonest car repair businesses. All repairs are discussed with the customer. You are told about repairs they see that might need to be done in the future. Integrity, quality work, kind and very accommodating-- Karl is wonderful to do business with. . .don't go anywhere else!"

— Veronica Georges

"Very pleasant staff. Ordered part and installed that day. Excellent work."

— Richard Welch

"I have been using Nordic Motors for quite some time now. First for my 91 240 and now for me 06 V70. I can't say enough about how great they are ! When I made a choice to pick my new car, I made the choice for another Volvo because I didn't want to have a car that Carl wouldn't work on. He is always extremely friendly, only repairs what really needs to be repaired and he really knows what he is doing. Absolutely incredible ! Can I give 6 stars ? :o) Thanks, Carl and everybody else at Nordic !!!!!"

— Michael Haugwitz

"Really appreciate the service on such short notice."

— Joe

"Carl can be counted on to be honest, thorough, professional and kind. Great place to take your Volvo."

— Jonathan Brennan

"Thanks Carl! Great service as always!"

— Mary Frances Hart


— Jens Edvardsson


— Winston Thomas

"Carl is a crack mechanic. My Volovs always run better after a service by Carl."

— Robert Zatkin

"Very trustworthy and very competent!!"

— Katy Girgus

"Always excellent, reliable service."

— Carol Epstein

"Best Service."

— Isaac Arman

"Thank you."

— Molly Cowan

"Once again, Nordic Motors does a winning performance on my 1995 Saab 9000. Carl and all the folks at Nordic are helping me keep this great car running well, as they have for many years now, and I really appreciate it."

— Robert Bausch

"All was good."

— Robert Huibers

"We have been very happy with services at Nordic Motors! Carl and Mike have been very courteous and helpful."

— Dorothy

"Carl has a beard. That's a sight to see and one more reason to bring my car to Nordic Motors."

— Joyce Goldschmid

"Karl always does a great thorough job with our two Volvos"

— Judy Adams

"Excellent service and human kindness!"

— Robert Erickson

"Wonderful knowledge of cars! Wonderful service!"

— Shari Kitzmiller

"Excellent and honest service as always! I highly recommend Nordic Motors."

— Alyson Brewer

"As usual, wonderfully professional, timely, excellent work. Thank you!"

— Kay Watanabe

"Great service and attention to detail!"

— Robert Erickson

"Great job as usual from Carl and the crew at Nordic Motors. It is nice to have the A/C working again on the 9000! And the problem was quickly and easily solved. Thank you, Carl!"

— Robert Bausch

"Reliable friendly service always."

— Carol Epstein

"Always good quick service."

— Carol Epstein

"Nordic Motors is truly a gem! When you find a mechanic as honest and talented as it's owner Karl, you tend to stay with car brands that ensure you will be able to continue your servicing relationship with them. After nearly 8 years of servicing there, we are purchasing a new car & selecting one that he specializes in. Karl's amazing customer service & integrity has definitely had a huge influence on our decision."

— Tanya Russell

"72K service"

— Warren Cane

"Carl and his team are super at keeping my 2008 Saab running well even when they have to scramble for parts. I appreciate all that they do! Been taking my Saabs to Carl since 2006."

— DJ Vigil


— Emily Hebard

"Great service"

— Rich Cargile

"We have had a number of Volvos with our family of 5 drivers over the years. Nordic Motors provides exceptional service, consistently."

— Kathy Hutchison

"Thanks for taking care of our car. Larry and Lisa"

— Lisa Simpson

"Always great service!"

— Kathy Berggren

"Thanks, Carl! Great as always!"

— Jonathan Steigman

"To the entire crew.. Thanks again for a job well done! Welcome back Chris.."

— Deac Ketchens

"You are the Best. Isaac"

— Isaac Arman

"Always receive excellent and professional service. Would not even consider taking my car anyplace else."

— Evan Popaduke

"Always efficient service and straightforward information."

— Anonymous

"I've been bringing my 2004 Volvo to Nordic Motors for four years and consistently receive top notch customer service and technical expertise. Carl and the staff are always professional, reliable and above all trustworthy."

— Tiffany Clute

"Great service as usual."

— Jennifer Morrill

"Nordic Motors always does a thorough and reliable job. Knowledgable, honest, fast, pleasant and all at a fair price. All the things you look for in a shop. Highly recommended!"

— TJ

"Trust and convenience are the two key words that come to my mind when I consider my long time relationship with Carl and the wonderful crew at Nordic Motors... It is so reassuring to know that when we hit the road our car will be safe and able to provide a carefree experience... thanks again Carl and the Nordic Motors gang."

— Warren Cane

"Always great service!"

— Carol Epstein

"Very good services provided by Carl."

— Anonymous

"Service is always great and so efficient."

— Carolyn Brierly

"Always happy with service at Nordic Motors."

— Brian Adams

"Service was great as usual."

— Charles Wood

"Karl and his staff at Nordic Motors not only do superb work on our family's cars, but charge a very reasonable rate every time we come- and treat us like family! We can't recommend them highly enough!"

— Kathy Berggren

"The best mechanics that have ever serviced my car."

— Robert

"Excellent service as usual"

— Rob Zehnder

"I cannot say enough nice things about Carl and Nordic Motors. They are friendly, helpful, and take great care of my car! I trust them completely, so I I know it's important when they periodically suggest an additional service at oil change time. Definitely 5 stars!"

— Kristin Zumwalt

"Thanks for the great service in such a timely manner! Have a great Holiday."

— Joe Lukas

"Nordic Motors is incredible and by far the best auto repair shop I've ever found. As a woman, I feel comfortable going here and never feel like the wool is being pulled over my eyes - Carl is always clear and concise with his recommendations, and never insists on doing more than you asked for. I leave happy every time, which is the most I could ask for."

— Katie Radaeva

"Great work finding and fixing the squeaky noise in the front of our 10 year old car!"

— Sandra Green

"Excellent diagnostic and work!"

— Mikhail Drabkin

"Great service, friendly people, spotless facility. Highly recommend"

— Diane Tatro

"I depend on Nordic Motors and highly trust in their services. Consistently, Karl and his team provide a quick turn-around on services and repairs. I give Nordic Motors my highest recommendation."

— Katy Girgus

"Carl & Crew Took excellent care of my Volvo immediately upon my arrival! I continue to bring my vehicle to Nordic!"

— Elaine Koff

"Excellent. Will highly recommend your shop to all my Volvo owner friends."

— Joe Lukas

"As always, great service and friendly, well-informed staff!"

— Sandra Green

"Thanks to Carl and his staff at Nordic Motors for yet another great job on my Saab 9000, this time on the 65k major service. Once again, they did their best to make sure my Saab and I had an excellent experience. Even found and fixed a couple of things I didn't know about. Thank you Nordic Motors, you are the best!"

— Robert Bausch

"Five Stars as ALWAYS!!"

— Deac Ketchens

"Nordic Motors runs a professional, efficient operation. All my interactions have been positive and the team provides excellent service."

— Renee Baker

"Carl has been servicing my 2003 XC70 since it was newly purchased by the original owner (I am the 2nd owner). I had dropped by the shop late in the morning without an appointment because I was concerned that I found out my car was down 2 1/2 quarts low of oil in a short period of time. Carl immediately put my car up on the rack and discovered that I was in need of cam shaft seal replacement. He ordered parts, I ordered a rental car for the remainder of my work day, and I was back in the saddle again the next morning, oil leak free and experiencing more engine power to boot. Thanks again Carl & to your team for keeping me safe on the roads."

— Kate Mayott

"Prompt excellent service"

— Bettina Dreyer

"I was frustrated with replacing a front headlamp on my 2011 Subaru Outback. Seemed easy, but I couldn't get to it. I stopped by, you replaced it while I waited. As usual - you are the best. I would like to get a hybrid/electric/Tesla - but will wait until the Nordic boys can fix them!"

— Joyce Goldschmid

"Always the best in every way"

— Deb Iacoponi


— Ross Thomas

"Nordic Motors is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!! Carl, Mike, and the gang are fantastic... I've been a loyal customer for over 15 years."

— Deac Ketchens

"Carl once again came through with flying colors when he replaced the leaking seals on my recently installed water pump at no cost."

— Andrew Neuman

"Requested repairs were done as promised and same day."

— Charles Wood


— Winston Thomas

"As always - a pleasure. Carl holds the highest respect for the customer's choices and decisions while giving the very best in service. Gold Star ratings aren't good enough to match Carl's kindness and excellent service."

— Ruth Simone

"I have been pleased, so far, with Carl, Mike and whoever works on my car. Of course I have little knowledge about engines or other parts of the car so can only base my reaction on my driving experience. I noticed that after I got new tires, it still said my tires were worn on the bill. And something about the brakes and other things I didn't understand. Explaining those items would be helpful. Otherwise, I am pleased."

— Judy Cosgrove

"Great service, always!"

— Elaine Koff

"The team at Nordic Motors was able to find my problem and fix it. Moreover, they were honest with their advice to me."

— Gabriel

"The quality of the work was as usual excellent! The only aside I would have is that the original communication was made more clear to me. (ie how the vehicle, (time required and parts acquisition), was going to be serviced so I could plan better. However the dx. was spot on and I was not charged for this."

— Jeanne DArcy

"Excellent service"

— Tom Upton

"Karl has been servicing my Volvo for many many years. I am continually and genuinely appreciative for his honest guidance, integrity & the fact that he makes our transactions feel like those between two individuals with a personal relationship, rather than just a random client. He takes time to explain every decision, often even steering me away from certain repairs that he thinks could wait even though the manufacturer recommends them. This is because he takes your driving objectives, the wear and tear you may or may not have and your mileage all into consideration. He is like a trusted confidante. He always accommodates my schedule & even when I stop by out of the blue with a little problem I am noticing he stops to take a look at my car, often adding oil or changing a bulb or some other minor repair then sending me on my way at no charge. When I ask how much I owe him, he says not to worry, he will just note it and add it to whenever my next servicing might be. It is so refreshing to have someone trust you as much as you trust them. We are so grateful for his services. Karl is an incredibly trustworthy mechanic who is such a nice person to deal with!"

— Tanya Russell

"Carl services my car with a sense of economy that is unusual in mechanics. He helps me prioritize maintenance requirements, but always with an eye toward safety and reliability. And the service itself is always top notch."

— Chris Shipley

"The aspect about Nordic Motors that impressed me the most was their honesty; they told me candidly what my options were and the likelihood of success without regards to how much each procedure would cost. They were also very, very knowledgeable!"

— Gabriel Ganot

"As always a pleasure to deal with Nordic Motors, Carl and his colleagues. They're honest and easy to deal with."

— Henric Andersson

"Great service as always."

— Elizabeth Olson

"Good service, pleasant atmosphere, reasonable pricing"

— Agnes VanMeter

"Really great service as usual!"

— Joe Lukas

"One of the reasons we buy Volvos (this is our 5th since 1984) is because of Carl, Mike and Nordic Motors. Their friendliness, service, location and skill at preventive maintenance, fixing major and minor problems has always been outstanding. We have never had a problem or conflict in over two decades. Our cars have been fixed correctly, on time and as promised. If and when we sell our XC90, we will likely buy another Volvo in part because of Nordic. Bruce & Rhonda Cumming"

— Bruce Cumming

"Five STARS"

— Deac Ketchens

"My favorite auto mechanics ever!!"

— Anne Bourgeois

"They really took good care of my Volvo and now of my subaru!"

— Sanborn Hodgkins

"5 Stars"

— Elaine Koff

"Appreciate you. You are the best."

— Diane Tatro

"As always, impeccable service!"

— Yannick Pouliot

"Quick, honest service! Very reasonably priced."

— Agnes Van Meter

"Nordic Motors is a one-of-a-kind car shop. I very fully trust them, and as a woman that knows nothing about cars, that's the highest praise I can give them. Carl is extraordinarily knowledgeable and always helpful, and he always gives an honest assessment of the issue and severity. I honestly don't think a better shop exists."

— Katie Radaeva

"I explained the problem to Carl and we reviewed the options from the least expensive potential solution to replacement with new factory authorized parts which would last the longest. Once the repair commenced, he advised me of the options and we chose the repair that made the most sense. I have been bringing my Volvo to Nordic for years and he has always done great job. Thank you,"

— Ronald Jabba

"Carl took care of my 1991 Volvo 240's oil change, burned out bulbs, and wheel alignment with his usual attention to detail. I highly recommend Nordic Motors to anyone owning a Volvo or Saab."

— Andrew Neuman

"Brought my Volvo back in shortly after servicing because of an engine oil leak. . . .They cause of the leak couldn't be determined, so Nordic replaced the recently installed oil filter with another new one-- no charge, no questions. This is quality service with hard to find integrity, as well."

— Veronica Georges

"Carl, backed by his Nordic Team, generously gives you sound advice, expert service, each time, on time, and with unparalleled kindness and consideration. Nordic runs a business that makes you smile, and want support - even if you didn't own a car. Stop by and say hello to discover the Nordic humming..for yourself."

— Ruth Simone

"Great service- always!"

— Josh Wallace

"Great service"

— Anonymous

"Carl and his team have taking care of my car since it was new. I bought my Volvo XC70 from the original owner who introduced me to 'his mechanic' to make sure I continued to keep the car well maintained and I have never regretted that decision to have Nordic Motors maintain my car. No Calif is finally getting its Winter rains and my brakes were in need of replacement before I plowed into somebody. I made my appt. late Tues afternoon, took my car in the next morning and the work was done by mid afternoon AND I saved over $100 over dealership quote too boot!"

— Kate Mayott

"Great service with reasonable prices!"

— Wendy Benveniste

"I always feel like Carl is looking out for our best interest. I can't buy another car other than the type of vehicles they repair because I want to stay with Nordic."

— Grace Mizutani

"Great service as always, Isaac"

— Isaac Arman

"I was very pleased with the service I received recently at Nordic. Just this week, I attempted to go to another service shop that specializes in Volvos. I made an appointment, which was confirmed and everything, but when I showed up, the shop would not honor my time saying that they never have appointments at that time and that they would 'try' to squeeze me in before they closed but that I would have to wait 2 hours and it wasn't guaranteed. I was very upset, having had taken off work and being stuck in traffic for an hour to get there on time. There wasn't anywhere to sit, no lobby area, no place to walk to, and with all that no guarantee I'd even get what I came for, what I made a confirmed appointment for. I cancelled my appointment and then found Nordic. Nordic took my appointment right away, was flexible about the time, and called me when the car was finished to go over what they did, what didn't seem necessary to do (I requested things that they didn't think I needed based on the status of my car), and gave me an idea of some of the short term and longer term needs of my car (complete with ballpark estimates). All seemed reasonable and I wasn't pushed into anything prematurely, or felt like I was being taken advantage of. On top of that, they were running an oil change sale so the cost of my oil change (plus all of the inspections and computer checks they ran) was the cheapest I've ever seen since I've owned the car, almost 10 years. I seem to always run into expensive complications whenever I bring my car anywhere, but Nordic was more than fair, explained everything clearly, gave me options and time lines, and did no agenda pushing. Plus the facilities were clean, with coffee and wifi - it's a small detail but it means a lot if you have to wait there for any length of time. Highly recommended."

— Lindsey

"As always, Carl is very thorough and explains what he is doing with the Volvo."

— Shari Kitzmiller

"Fast service ever! Great pricing!"

— Rachael Hinez

"The best. Easy to schedule; informative, helpful, prompt, courteous. My beloved Volvo wagon trusts them completely and, thanks to them, keeps on running!"

— Deb Iacoponi

"Always excellent."

— Mark Skubik

"Outstanding customer service including trouble shooting of both starter and mileage issues on my Volvo C70! I will use Nordic for all future service needs for my car. Carl is an expert and I appreciate knowing that he'll be there when we need him."

— Deborah Defilippo

"Excellent service"

— Tom Upton

"Friendly, great and prompt service. Easy location. Will never go anywhere else for my Volvo service."

— Bettina Dreyer

"The service at Nordic Motors is always excellent! We have been going there for years, and we trust them implicitly."

— Lisa Simpson

"As always great, expedient and budget conscious service. Thank You"

— S.G.

"Fast, attentive service as always."

— Anonymous

"Professional and honest service so rare to be found!!! Best of luck in the New Year!"

— Mikhail Drabkin

"Nordic Motors has excellent service and the smartest mechanics I've ever used. I've been driving since 1968 and a NM customer since before 1991. My husband and I keep our cars forever with these guys - I have huge odometer readings. Prices are always fair as well. I'm trying to think of something so my review can help improve their service, but nothing comes to mind. If they'd fix a hybrid, I'd buy one. Until then, I'll only buy cars NM will repair."

— Kathleen Goldschmid

"Top-notch mechanics, a kind approach and focus on doing the job correctly."

— Robert Robert

"We took our S80 T6 there for years for excellent service and value. We traded it in as was 13 years old and will now have the S60 T6 that replaced it serviced there. They have a great staff and Carl is easy to interact with when you something a little different done."

— Ross Thomas


— Rich Cargile

"Nordic Motors is FIVE STARS. Head & Shoulders above the rest."

— Deac

"You guys are great, always reliable, friendly and efficient. When my first Volvo finally bit the dust, my main reason for buying another Volvo was so I could keep you as my mechanic."

— Carol

"This was my 2nd trip to Carl and Nordic Motors this year for something out of the ordinary (at least to me) on my 1995 Saab 9000. 1st one in January was for a new fuel pump. This time it was for a new heater core. Once again Carl and his staff took care of the trouble in the most efficient and friendly way. These folks are pros, and also very nice people!"

— Robert

"Nordic Motors is absolutely the best!!! My Thanks to Carl, Mike, Chris, and Fidel. I've been a loyal customer and friend since 1996.. I'm on my 4th Volvo, and Nordic Motors has been my mechanic the entire time."

— Deac Ketchens

"I am always pleased with Carl and his shop. The work is excellent and timely, the people are gracious, and the new location is great. I couldn't ask for more ...except maybe it be free! Thanks everyone."

— Rayna

"The BEST place ever to repair & maintain a VOLVO, SAAB or SUBARU. I have always owned a Volvo. My husband always drove a Saab. When we found out Nordic Motors works on a Subaru, it was our decision to buy our new car - a Subaru :)"

— David

"This place is great. Any questions or concerns this is the first place I go to. I Typically do my own minor repairmaintenance but some of the more advanced stuff i'm just lazy or don't have to proper toolsknow-how and that's when I go here.Very honest and good work all around, even performance parts they are game for anything!"

— Matt P.

"Thank you so much. Feels great and runs better than ever!"

— Joyce

"I am always pleased with the people and their work,"

— Rayna

"I started taking my car to Nordic Motors in 1994 and have found them to be consistently honest, fair, and pleasant to deal with. If only they serviced other types of vehicles, I wouldn't go anywhere else."

— Allison A.

"Love this place!"

— Mary


— Joan

"You're the best"

— Per

"Carl runs his auto service business much like he develops relationships with his customers - with joy! Both he and Nordic are The Best!"

— Ruth

"Nordic Motors is the best. They are smart about diagnosing what may be wrong with your Volvo and figure out the most economic way to get it repaired."

— Nancy

"These guys are fair, honest and communicative. 3 of the 4 things you really need in a mechanic. The 4th would be cheap, but in my experience any cheap mechanic causes other problems. That said, I don't think Nordic is expensive in comparison to it's peers I paid about $45 for an oil change. I have an XC 70 Wagon and have brought it to these guys a couple of times, they are very efficient, friendly, and in my experience won't do any work until they call you. I had them work on my breaks as well as the oil change - and Carl found some other items that needed work but didn't push for them to get done, even said they can wait. I will use these guys for as long as I have this Volvo, which might be a long time."

— Sam A.

"Carl and team are fantastic. Honest, reliable, don't over charge, and do it with a smile. A sure bet with Nordic Motors."

— Frequent D.

"Great, caring staff. Very reasonable prices. Kept my 240 going for more than 250,000 miles."

— Kathleen W.

"Quick and thorough service. I have been coming here for more than 10 years."

— Elizabeth

"Carl knew exactly what the issue with my Saab was, he knew how much it would cost, and how long it would take. Spot on. Definitely going to be using him for all my Saab stories."

— Gabriel

"Nordic motors is a grate place to have the Volvo serviced. My car always runs better after they work on it. Carl is also very concerned about be extremely fair in the cost of work. The last time I was there, he found my power steering pump was leaking oil. One of the seals was bad, and the pump would break in the near future. He gave me 3 different options, all at different costs. This is how he does work. They are meticulous, incredibly honest, and a pleasure to work with."

— Chip J.

"Carl, when the Saab 9000 came up with a new problem, stranding me in downtown San Mateo on Thursday, January 10, as always, you were there to help, and thanks to your excellent and efficient work, the problem was diagnosed (fuel pump), and I had the car back home on Monday the 14th. Thank you!"

— Robert

"Really excellent service here. Carl and Milene were fantastic, very responsive, trustworthy. When I called to find out how late they were open so I could pick up my car, they even offered to stay late for me - on a Friday evening - if I needed extra time to get there. Great people - highly recommended."

— Chris B.

"One thing you want to have is a good mechanic... I am SO GLAD we found Nordic: Carl, Mike, and the crew. Friendly to the max, technically proficient, and, best: honest and trustworthy. You always know you're getting the service you need. Great new roomy facility, too..."

— Lyle

"Great people, efficient service"

— Sandy

"Efficient service and experienced staff."

— David

"Carl, as always, you are the best!"

— Bob Bausch

"Honest good guys.great communication and on time service.They help me keep my old Volvo alive.Wouldn't take it anywhere else."

— Jon C.

"The service is ALWAYS outstanding. The explanations makes sense, the recommendations are spot on! I will ALWAYS recommend Nordic Motors. Carl, Mike, Chris, and Fidel are very knowledgeable and great at what they do. Hats off to these gentlemen!!! Deac K. A loyal and satisfied customer for over 15 years."

— Deac

"Lucky me, found your shop! This was my second visit and will be back as long as I have my Volvo."

— Alfred

"The BEST Service in the Bay. Fabulous Communication / Good Prices / You know your Stuff. A small family run Business who treat their customers like family and not just a number as do the large dealerships."

— Suzanne

"You know how you want to have a repair/maintenance shop that is honest, qualified, reliable, and reasonably priced? Look no further: Carl, Mike, and the crew are all of that and more! I've been calling on them for a decade with 6 different Volvos, and Nordic has never been anything but superb!!"

— Lyle

"Friendly, honest, and truly caring about your car and getting you the best situation possible. I've come here a couple times in the last month after inheriting an old Volvo, and Carl always takes care of it and even remembers it, as it's been coming here its whole life. He always explains everything in clear language so you know what's going on, and lays out all the options and tells you what he truly thinks is the best. When I'm coming to Nordic Motors, I actually enjoy taking my car in to the shop!"

— Kendall F.

"I have been a long time customer of Nordic Motors, Inc. owning two late 1980's SAAB 900 turbos and two Volvo's. The service and professionalism of this establishment is of the highest quality. What impresses me the most is their honesty and fairness in pricing. In todays consumer market most companies are out to make the largest profit possible. Their honesty is unquestionable. This company has gotten me out of many situations I could not solve myself and always with a friendly attitude. I would highly recommend this company for your independent SAAB, Volvo, or Subaru service."

— Clifford

"I have spoken with Karl at Nordic Motorrs a few times regarding the transmission on my Volvo. He test drove my car. And, while he could only offer to replace my transmission, rather that fix it, he referred me to a local transmission shop which could fix it. When I continued to have problems after the fix, he test drove it again for me and pulled the diagnostic codes for me. All for no charge. He is a good man and I would go to them any time I needed help with my car."

— B. C.

"Carl and his team are the best. I HIGHLY recommend this shop!"

— Margaret

"Honest, professional and reliable. What more do you want from a mechanic.I went there because of the 5 star rating I saw. I totally agree!"

— David V.

"We always trust Nordic Motors to do a good job for us. Never worry about being taken advantage of here."

— Lynn

"Nordic Motors is the place mid peninsula to take your Volvo. Karl is honest, honest, honest...good at diagnostics and fair with what he charges. It was like a breath of fresh air after leaving the Volvo dealership - finally the repairs cost were less than I was expecting. I will continue to use Karl for as long as we own a Volvo."

— Kerry B.

"You will not find more honest mechanic shop in the nation. I come from a developing country and I know honest when I see one. If you need Expert Opinion without fear of being ripped off please try Nordic Motors. Furthermore you will not find more experienced mechanics who know Volvo anywhere in the USA. These guys are better than dealer because they do not rip you off. So try them and you will not look back."

— Harm M.

"For me, finding a new mechanic is right up there with getting an ice water and Sriracha colonic. Imagine my horror as the rattle in my car elevated from the hey did you hear something? level all the way up to I can't even hear my radio over this racket! zone. After checking yelp, I checked this place out and it lived up to it's reputation. I have a 10 year old Saab which gets worked on about once a year, so I know they can be expensive. The guys at Nordic did good, quick work while replacing my water pump. It was reasonably priced. The only reason I'm knocking a star off is because my old mechanic would walk me through the changes and explain a bit more about the work being done. Maybe I was spoiled. I'll definitely be back next year when something else needs fixin."

— Mike D.

"Carl & his team took great care of my car. They made room in their schedule to take me the next day, and finished everything quickly. I highly recommend Nordic Motors."

— John

"Excellent Service!"

— Elizabeth

"I've been taking my Volvo to Karl at Nordic Motors for the past 207,452 miles. He is, by far, the most honest and hard-working mechanic I've ever dealt with. He's worked on almost every aspect of my car over the years, and always done so with impeccable integrity. I love having a mechanic I trust so much I can just drop the car off, hand him the key, and say just do whatever you think needs doing and call me whenever it's ready. If you own a Volvo or a Saab, you cannot do better than Nordic Motors."

— Bret W.

"Great service. You always communicate clearly what needs to be done, and what could be done but can wait. You're honest, friendly, dependable and do great work."

— Carol

"Nordic Motors is top notch. In fact I'm hesitant to sell my Volvo and get another model since I would not be able to go to Nordic with a Toyota!"

— Marie

"I read the reviews for Nordic Motors on Yelp, and passed by them on El Camino almost every week on the way to and from Trader Joe's. I wished I'd stopped by earlier.After dealing with a rough idle and a loose gear box for a while, my cabin fan completely stopped. I made the mistake of going to another mechanic 2 miles down the road from Nordic Motors. Nearly $1000 down the hole, nothing was fixed. After $1000 with nothing fixed by the other mechanic, he was telling me it would take $900 to replace the throttle body. Nordic quickly diagnosed what I had thought, which was a vacuum leak and found a pipe to the turbo that fixed the issue, $165 including tax. Nordic also fixed the fan and the gear box. They explained everything along the way, were extremely nice guys, and kept in contact with me. My car came back completely fixed. I'll definitely bring my car back to Carl and Nordic Motors every time. Do yourself a favor, bring your Saab to them and skip the other guys."

— A. N.

"Nordic Motors is the only place I will take my Volvo for repair and maintenance. They are honest, smart, clean, work quickly and price fairly. Carl and his mechanics are very respectful and patient explaining everything even though I am an idiot with my car."

— Joyce

"Nordic provides a pleasant customer service experience. Carl is consistently courteous, effective, and pro-active to advise about relevant car maintenance."

— Ruth

"Outstanding Service"

— David

"I currently commute from Southern Oregon every week and tend to go through cars quickly and do have car troubles from time to time. I usually take my cars to people who either tell me it can't be fixed, do not know what is wrong or just never get to looking at it.Recently my V40 had problems on 101, and even the tow truck driver told me to take it to Nordic Motors if I wanted it looked at by the best.Called the day after dropping the car off and Carl asked if I wanted to pick up my car since he had already found the problem and fixed it.Cost me nothing and I just found my new repair shop if anything ever goes wrong again.I would be surprised if you could find any place better.Nordic Motors Rocks!"

— Robert C.

"You are great guys, and truly over the years I never doubt their professionalism, expertise and advice. Thanks for being there.. 100% reliable."

— Eva

"Nordic Motors is head and shoulders above the competition. I've been a loyal customer for over 14 years. The honesty that Carl, Mike, and Chris delivery is second to none. If you're looking for a great shop, bring your Volvo to Nordic Motors in San Carlos. Ca."

— Deac

"I'm always happy with the advice Carl gives and the work he does on my Saab."

— Jennifer

"Nordic Motors and the staff are the BEST! I'm a girl who knows nothing about mechanics and it's so comforting to have an honest, skilled, efficient and trustworthy place to bring my car."

— Joyce

"We are very glad to have found you to care for our old volvo!!"

— Barry

"Nordic Motors is certainly one of the best saab service shops in the bay area. I don't know if they are the best saab mechanics or not, but I do know they are very experienced and know what they are doing. They have really great service, they are honest, friendly and don't try to rip you off.I literally called every saab service shop in the bay area, including San Jose and all the way up to San Francisco, Nordic Motors by far had the best price on my oil change, insanely cheap actually. Not only that, I found many of the other shops to be very rude, and very expensive, as if they could care less to lose you as a customer.Carl, the owner is VERY nice and trustworthy."

— Trent A.

"I highly reccomend Nordic Motors. The staff is very friendly, very knowledgeable, and very easy to work with. I never feel like they are trying to force work on me or inflate an estimate. They are very fair. The best part is my car always runs better after visiting Nordic Motors!"

— Floyd

"Thank you Karl! Great 145K tune up. Passed smog check. Know core maintenance items for the next 12 months."

— Maria

"Already have recommended Nordic Motors to a friend. Thanks for fixing my car's fuse on such short notice."

— Betsy

"Hi Carl, The ETM is great and the car accelerates smoothly. I wish we had replaced it maybe a year ago because I was noticing that the car car didn't move from a standstill properly. It was like a switch when I pressed the pedal. My wife, who drives the car all the time didn't notice because she had just adjusted with it as time went by. I also changed the top engine mount with polyurethane bushings from FP Groton. These things are fabulous and look indestructible. Just 15 minutes or less to change because there is no need to take the casting off the engine. Just take the cross beam off, knock out the old bushing, push in the new ones and replace the cross beam. Thanks and regards Ross and Mila Thomas"

— Ross

"As usual, you guys were great! It is a pleasure to work with you."

— Lyle

"As always, I am completely satisfied with Nordic Motors!"

— Robert

"Thank you Karl and team!"

— Jay

"You always do such great work, and are trustworthy and honest."

— Anne

"Carl is awesome. I almost wish that I needed to service my car more often. I bring my Saab 93 there and would consider buying another Saab or Volvo just to continue to use this shop. I always feel like I'm getting a fair deal here."

— Jen Z.

"I highly recommend Nordic Motors. They have serviced all of my Volvos over the years and I have found their approach to be professional and accomodating and their work reliable and thorough. As long as I own a Volvo, I will never go anywhere else for service. Nordic rocks!"

— Kristen H.

"I took our Saab there to get serviced and to fix an unknown starting problem. Karl took a few days to diagnose the starting problem and told us how much the parts and labor were going to be. I asked him if it was okay if I bought the parts online to save money and he said no problem. A few days later, I dropped off the parts and Karl and his team installed them. Our Saab is now running great again. The labor charge was half of what B&B would have charged and Karl was an absolute pleasure to deal with - courteous, responsive and best of all, honest. From now on, Nordic Motors will be the only place we take our Saab for service. One nit - when I picked up our car, the door panels were dirty as was the seat."

— K.A. M.

"I tried many other car services before I started using Nordic Motors. I am a single woman and with the other service places I would also be told that my car is on the verge of falling apart and needed some part or another urgently. It was difficult to tell when I was been lied to or when it was real.Nordic never tries to pull the wool over my eyes. For the first time in years I've gone through serveral car services without someone trying to sell me something. They also help me whenever I need something small done, eg, they replaced a bulb that I bought. I dont feel like they penny pinch every time I ask for help. Definitely 5 stars!"

— Marlene Z.

"Just started going here for my volvo repair - i own a '95 850 that's starting to fall apart not due to them, but because i've racked up over 250K mi - these guys do the minimum required to keep my car rolling and not bankrupting me - they're cheaper than the dealer and competitive with other independents..."

— Andrew T.

"Very honest and reasonably-priced repair facility, specializing in Volvos and SAAB's. I am on my third used SAAB and they have kept all of them running like a top, at very reasonable cost, with no suprises. Sometimes they actually talk you out of having things done that they don't think are necessary. They also have all the proper diagnostic equipment to connect to your Swedish vehicle's computer. The hardest part is getting the car scheduled in, since they are always pretty busy. As a testament to my loyalty to Carl and Mike, I live and work in Sacramento right now and STILL bring my SAAB down here for anything it needs. I really trust them."

— John B.

"Friendly, Patient, and Professional.Carl was amazing. Better service and prices than any dealership I've ever seen. Nordic Motors will keep you buying Volvo so you never have to go anywhere else.Plus, they have a small back parking lot, so they have incentive to get your car fixed and returned in a timely manner. Their garage is practically spotless, and all of their employees were friendly and helpful."

— Sean H.

"wholeheartedly agree with the other posters, I've had my Saab here a few times now and they've been efficient, honest and punctual. Karl is a pleasure to deal with and the costs are way below what the dealer charges. Would definitely recommend."

— Gordon S.

"I found my new Mechanic by total luck!!!My car was stalling on me every time I came to a stop and I needed to find a volvo mechanic right away. Normally I would have checked Yelp first, but I got REALLY lucky, and Nordic Motors was the closest volvo shop to where I was stuck, so I took my car in there right away trying not to stop on my way.... My Check Engine light had been on FOREVER, and I knew it needed lots of attention. Carl replaced my O2 sensor & my thermostat in 2 days because a part had to be ordered and the price was unbeatable.A week later, my check engine light came back on, so I took my car back, and he replaced the O2 sensor again free of charge because the first one was defective. I'm used to getting the run around from mechanics because I'm a female, but you won't experience that with Carl!As soon as I finish writing this review, I'm going to call him again to have him make some more repairs... cars are expensive, but with a mechanic like Carl, it's much more managable!!"

— Stacy W.

"I don't Yelp. But Nordic Motors is such a rare find of integrity and know how that I just had to. It's been like never since I've trusted a car repair service to just do what's necessary. You'll arrive and leave relaxed with Carl and crew. I'll buy another Saab because of them... well maybe it'll have to be a used Saab depending on Saab's future."

— Mack S.

"I have nothing but good experiences to report with these guys. They have always been helpful, clear, and appear to be honest. I haven't taken my saab anywhere else, so I really can't compare apples to apples. Certainly saab parts are much more expensive then my old honda, and of course saab is not as reliable, so I've certainly spent more with Nordic Motors then I did with my Honda mechanic. I'm glad I found Nordic Motors, and I'd recommend them without hesitation."

— Mark F.

"Honest-to-God Old-World integrity, combined with modern know-how. A spotless garage with excellent customer service. I told Carl if he ever closes this shop, I am through with Volvo. And we own three. Dream-come-true mechanics, and you know how hard that is to come by. Honest guys whose diagnoses are accurate, and whose prices will pleasantly surprise you."

— Emily G.

"If you have a Volvo and you need it serviced.. you can not afford to take it anywhere else! Carl really knows his stuff!"

— Salohcin A.

"I have a Saab wagon and after Burlingame Saab relocated to B&B, I began using NM. Carl is the best in having to communicate your problem and him getting back to you. I appreciate the customer service they offer and the good work they provide."

— Martha M.

"If you drive a Saab or Volvo, take your car here for anytime you need service or repair. They are quite simply the best! We've taken our Volvo and Saab there for over eight years.-- Completely honest: As someone who feels like she's been taken by auto mechanics who see $$$ when they see someone like me that clearly knows nothing about how her car works, Mike and Karl are 100% trustworthy. -- Way less expensive than dealers for service: They charge less for scheduled maintenance than the dealers, and they never try to push additional or unnecessary repairs. Honestly, sometimes it seems like they feel badly when they have to charge you for an expensive repair which let's face it, happens more often than you'd like when you drive a Saab or Volvo, especially an older one.-- Car experts: unlike other places where all they do is replace parts, Karl and Mike are true car guys. I was told once that people who race cars understand cars most, and Karl and Mike race check out their website: http:www.nordicmotors. While they don't have the waiting lounge amenities of a dealer, there's a Starbucks about a block away if you wnat to wait for your car to be serviced."

— Stacie C.


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